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  • My header on my theme is not responsive its not being re-sized. And i did check the “Resize header foreground images (logos) proportionately”


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  • Where is your site? Remind me what non-responsive means? I’ve had some trouble with the WordPress site header changing what happens with my Suffusion header. Love eto help you if I can.

    Hi Michele,

    Non-responsive means that the size of the header does not re-size when using on a mobile device. I have looked and looked and changed and changed, however I can’t seem to get it to work. It works with the Twenty Twelve theme but not with Suffusion.

    Your input will be greatly appreciated.


    Can you tell me the URL of your site, and take a screen shot of what your suffusions settings are for the header?

    did you upload an image for the foreground header or the background header?

    One thing I’ve done before is too choose a background color, don’t upload any header image to suffusion, and go to the wordpress place for background image under Appearances, and upload the header as a background image.

    Please elt me know how it goes so I can see your site!



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    Try posting on the theme’s dedicated forum:
    You may get a more informed response there.

    Thank Michele,

    But i find i am having more problems with this theme than anything else!!! parse errors, etc!!! Ive changed the foreground and background header, Had either one or the other..still the same!!

    Thanks for your help. Ive worked with plenty themes and by far this one is F@#ked up!!…more problems than not!!! I am gonna change to a more stable and tested theme.

    @esmi… I tried to join that forum and its been 3 days now and still waiting for my email activation code!! To add to my drama’s with this fkn suffusion theme!!

    I think you are being overly harsh in your criticism of the theme in that there are over 1 million downloads of it making it one of the most popular free themes there is.

    If you try logging into the theme support forum you will see that this has been covered and answered there in the past.

    I solved the problem with a mobile switcher plugin that directs the suffusion theme to Twenty Twelve.. Problem solved!!

    @colinsp And how many of those million have problems? 80%????

    And why if its soooooooo great does there need to be a issue with the header that needs to be covered in a forum!!! And in any case that forum as i stated earlier is just as useless as the theme…im still waiting for my email activation link!

    I use Suffusion for all of my websites, and I don’t have problems with it. I don’t do anything complicated, but it is SOOOOO versatile!



    Suffusion is a framework that is more complex than the majority of WordPress themes, and if you’re planning to use it, you’re better off consulting the Aquoid support forum for help from the thousands of happy, experienced community of Suffusion users. There is a tremendous amount of information there that is specific to Suffusion. And by the way, having built and maintained more than 30 Suffusion-based sites, I can promise your that 99.9% of errors you will encounter when using it are plugin or server issues, or in some cases, operator error.

    You don’t need the Suffusion forum because the theme is bad, you need it because Suffusion is that good.

    @crunchydata, I totally agree. I have about 9 website I’ve done with Suffusion, and they’re all different and easy to work with.

    I was wondering, since you’ve made so many sites, if you could give me a suggestion. I’m trying to make a front page on a website that looks like:

    After the front page, it will go to search pages, etc., that looks like the ones on my site right now (that I had to throw together quickly when we changed from Prudential to Berkshire Hathaway).

    I was thinking a 100% package that is transparent, with a plugin that changes the background? What do you think?

    That site is not created with WordPress but is created as an html and js page. You could do the same thing in Suffusion BUT it will need a lot of hand coding.

    You will need some sort of slideshow that allows you to change the background image then a transparent page on the top with left and right sidebars also transparent with no borders. Then a text box in each sidebar again transparent with the clickable images in each. You will then need to code the search box and float it appropriately.

    A child theme with a custom template for the front page is the way I would go.

    Thank you so much! I have seen the use of child pages in the forums, but don’t really know what they are. I will reasearch tho, thanks!



    @michelefree, you could get a similar look with the Royal Slider plugin (on Codecanyon), but the search feature would probably need to use a specialized real estate search plugin. As @conlinsp mentioned, it would require a lot of coding to do this with Suffusion. While there are very few things Suffusion can’t do, the look you want is probably better suited to the Twenty-Thirteen theme, or an ‘Elegant Themes’ theme, as some of those already have a similar look/feel built in.

    @crunchydata, thank you for your help. Just the kind of information I’m looking for. I built the rest of the site in WordPress using Suffusion, so I was hoping that I could keep the rest and just change the front page. I’ve already coded the search box.

    imho it is no harder to do this in Suffusion than in 20-13. A Child Theme and a bit of custom coding for either theme will be required and if you have already built the search then it will be a lot easier.

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