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    hi guys. i installed the store plugin on my site and the site itself went whacko. will you take a look at it?
    even after i deactivated and removed the plugin it remains problematic.

    This is unfortunate because I am getting a lot of traffic right now. Please help!!!!

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  • Hey David,

    Here’s what your site looks like on my machine in Safari..

    Apologies for mispelling your name… Anyway, is that not how it’s suppossed to look?

    *Update: Just checked on my IBM thinkpad too in internet explorer and it look exactly the same.

    sorry splanters, I forgot to put in the proper link…



    “yikes” – yeah, your header is hosed. Let me take a peek at the code. Seem to me this happened to me once too and I forgot exactly what I did…

    ok, i think i fixed it….the shop had created multiple pages on my header where the lieu supernav bar is. I guess the two dont mix well together.

    Great. Good job mate.

    splanters, have you used this wordpress shop before?

    thanks for taking the time to help by the way.

    No prob David… although, don’t think I was much help. You seemed to handle your prob just fine 😉

    Anyway, I haven’t actually used it. I “played” around with it a little bit – Rick is a good guy although I don’t know him very well, I believe he (and his developer partner) are attempting to work out the kinks…

    Don’t forget to mark this [resolved] 🙂

    ok…splanters…now im having another problem that must be associated with this, that you might be able to help with….all of my flash players are missing from songs with the exception of the top one. however, if you click on a permalink, there they are…fishy…any ideas on this

    i have an email to martin over at 1pixelout

    thanks again.

    I would have to take a peek, but I’m not real sure what it is… I’m not a db guy – just know enough to be dangerous and just barely. Just curious, have you looked at all in the database to see if the shop plugin left remenants in there? If it did, you might want to remove all of those pertaining to the shop… Now, will that fix your current issue, I honestly don’t know, but it would be a good idea to remove the shop stuff from your database at any rate…

    Wish I coudl be more help. What have you noticed about the “top” one that is different from the others? I’ll go take a look too

    **Update – just went to that site and in Safari it looks like all the flash songs are there.

    hey splanters, yea, im pretty sure i deleted all remnants of the shop in the database at least from an ftp standpoint, in that i deleted the entire plugin and all of the sub files.

    I only have firefox here, and they are still not showing..bizzare…thanks again for your help…any other ideas?

    Try using your host’s control panel, mysql, phpmyadmin option. Select your wp database, then look through the tables to see if any of them pertain to the plugin. Those would be the tables you want to drop (checkbox to left of the table, then the red X).

    If you don’t feel comfortable messing about in the database, you’ve got a couple of options: figure out what the tables you need to get rid of are called and ask your host tech support to take care of it; or give someone like splanters your logins so heesh can take care of it for you, then change your passwords.

    Hey David,

    Did you try clearing your browser cache? I just checked on a pc (ie and firefox) and everything looks like it’s there.

    yea, ive done all of that, and cleared the cache, and even went into the database and deleted some extra wpshop stuff that had been left over…still not showing on my machine…i trust that it is only my machine i guess. ill resolve this biatch. Thanks for the help dudes!

    Hey Dav,

    Have you tried going to – I think you can register and get a free account for 24hrs. or something like that – just to ensure I think what I see is in fact what is suppossed to be there. I’ll take a screenshot for you too in a sec to show you what I’m seeing. Give me a few …

    This is what I’m seeing in all my browsers – on Mac and PC. This what you meant?

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