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  • A strange thing happened when I put up my first post today. On the main page it looks ok. But once you open it up, instead of my header on top, there is a giant version of the post photo. What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance!


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    Nothing. This is how the 2011 theme works by design. If a post’s featured image is equal to (or larger) than the theme’s header image, then that image will be used as the header image on the single post pages. If that is not what you want, I suggest only using small images (eg say 200 x 200) as featured images in your Posts.

    Does it matter if it is the width or the height of the image which is larger?

    And is there any css code that would bypass that feature?

    Your images are huge and need to be cropped to the correct size. The one on the homepage is over 600K and takes an age to load, but it’s not been optimised and is scaled to half size.

    Optimised means your page loads quicker, and then the theme will not try and use the image in your header.

    Thanks! Where do I find out what the preferred image sizes are?

    Depending on your browser, right click on it – in Firefox (for example) it’s View Image Info and that will give you the file size, the true dimensions and the dimensions it’s been scaled to.

    So I resized it to the image size it scaled it to (569 pixels) and deleted the old image from the media library. But I still appear to be having the same problem…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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