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My-Hacks to add low-level hacks

  • It would be nice if I could use my-hacks.php to overwrite/edit existing variables. It should be included after wp-settings.php has been completed. I’ll hack this into my installation of WordPress now, but having it in there permanently would make updating extremely easy.

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  • It is reasonably late in the include process already, though I guess I could see argument to move it even later.
    What are you trying to modify in hacks that you can’t where it is currently positioned?

    The hacks file is loaded on the end of functions.php, this is one of the first files to be included. Something I would want to change are the allowed tags. The kses.php file, however, is loaded after functions.php. I can’t change it without modifying the kses.ph p file, which I don’t want to.

    Why don’t you just have a my-own-hacks.php, that you include in index.php yourself. That’s guaranteed to be last at that point, and you’ll likely have to modify your index.php in minor ways with any upgrades.
    Or, see if matt wants to move where my-hacks is included… 😉
    I just have a big block of stuff at the top of my index.php file, which is why the my-own-hacks thing came to mind (was just thinking about doing that to clean things up a bit.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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