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    I develop dozens of WP sites, and rarely have any trouble. But this is a new one on me: I had a friend ask me to work on his site. When I log into the backend, it’s incredibly slow, taking minutes for any page to load, so it’s awful working on it.

    I simply assumed he had rotten hosting, and told him of my plight. But he can log into admin easily, make an edit in seconds, and hasn’t had any problems. We’ve both tried many times and keep getting the same result. The hosting firm is a big one and pretty reputable.

    When I’m just viewing the front end of his site, it’s a bit slow, but does load fine. It’s only in admin that I’m having the trouble. And on all the sites I work on, with a variety of hosts, this is the only one I have trouble with. I thought of some kind of cookie problem from working on so many WP sites, but that doesn’t sound right either.

    Any good ideas from you gurus out there? Thanks.

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  • is he running the latest version of WordPress?
    do you have a ton of plugins installed?
    try a different browser?



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    If the admin is slow on one machine/connection but pretty fast on another machine/connection, it could be some sort of networking/routing issue. It might be worth run a traceroute from your machine to his admin login page then repeat on your friend’s machine.

    I had thought of trying other browsers, and did a few. But if it were plugins, I doubt that my friend would have been racing through like no tomorrow.

    The traceroute is a great idea! More and more lately I’ve been seeing where hosts will throttle back traffic from certain IP’s that are perceived as threats, for instance. I’m just so threatening! Or someone on my shared IP. 🙂 But yeah, some benign routing thing could be it.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    I finally solved this, almost inadvertently. I did a router firmware upgrade due to another issue, and boom, awesome speed on the previously slow WP site admin. Bizarre! Who knows, maybe this will help someone sometime.

    Why all my other WP sites cruised at high speed before the upgrade will have to remain a mystery.

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