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  • Actually your footer does show up in firefox, but without it’s box styling… Maybe some CSS properties targeting only chrome? Using some crossbrowser hack?

    I’m checking it…

    Great, thanks a million for your help, how do I get the reset.css to load first, trying to find the answer on google but no luck yet.



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    start by fixing the validation errors:

    the errors might be in the sidebar section or in any used widgets(?).

    if you assume that this is caused by the theme, please contact the theme’s developer for support.

    Ok, thanks working my way through them. I built most of the theme so no one to contact for support.

    The validation checker is saying that I am missing alt tags on my images. I am putting them in via the media uploader but no change, any idea how I fix this?

    I’ve looked at the css and made a validation test.

    There are some errors, but as alchymyth said this file (style.css) is from your theme, and you should ask the developer..

    Anyway, I’ve seen that you are using several plugins… First of all I would turn all the plugins off, and then turning them on, one by one, so you notice if there is any conflict…

    About the alt in the images, that’s for the HTML, and it’s important, but it has nothing to do with displaying the footer properly… You can add the “alt” in the field “alternative text” when you upload an image to the media library.

    BTW: Before doing any major change (like turning all plungins of) please do not forget to backup your wordpress. (codex reference).

    Hi, thankyou. I have tried turning off plugins but that didnt work.

    I am adding in the alt tags to the media library but they are not showing up on the validator. Seems strange, any ideas?

    Not really… I don’t know this plugin deeply enough…

    Regarding the image alt issue, maybe you could find more help here in the plugin’s support forum…

    I still don’t think this is what is breaking your footer in Firefox… I would consider first the non-closed html tags errors, there are some and that can break your website..

    I’ll keep thinking about it

    Ok, thanks heaps for your help….working away on the errors now.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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