My footer has moved....How to move back (2 posts)

  1. jeremybingham
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Militree.com/Blog is the site....




    As you can see, my footer is now floating at the bottom of the page.

    How can I move it up to the bottom of the container again like it normally should be?

    Thanks for the help!!!

  2. Christopher J. Hradil
    Posted 9 years ago #

    it appears correctly connected in firefox, however it's at 100% width instead of matching up with the rest of the theme, there is some separation in IE, and also the 100% width issue.

    1) Have you made any changes to your css files ?
    2) Did you create backups of the files before you changed them (or use a version control system) ?

    3) What if any of your theme's php files have you changed ?

    -- a footnote, if it's css changes, your problem is likely due to changes (and differences in the way FF and IE handle them) to margin and padding settings

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