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    I’m partially excited that I have some sort of working floats, um, working, but I have two issues the colours are for identification rather than my own choice what I like:

    1) the top floats in the garish pink and red seem to float well enough (I don’t want to check IE yet, I don’t think I can take the stress) but the right float is 1px out of whack, I need to make sure they are both correctly aligned – how to approach this problem?

    2) I removed the footer initially, then I returned the footer and placed the floats WITHIN the footer – is this a bad idea or should I make a seperate container sitting on top of the footer? What I have noticed is that the footer is not fully expanded aws there is white space left and right, in addition, in trying to enlarge the footer it has shifted right. In order to move the footer to the centre
    I ended up using negative margins and then removed them, because IE doesn’t place nice. How can I place the floats so they are replicating the behaviour of the top floats and almost correctly aligned and proportioned.

    3) Is it possible to make these floats links without the page borking? I won’t add padding, but I’m just wondering if by adding content and turning it into a link it goes to kingdom come.

    4) Will the floats accomodate the content (including images) without breaking? That is if there is a lot of content it woudl just wrap the content and stretch down firther, correct?

    Thanks in advance – I’m getting there…

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