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  • Hello

    I’ve been working with WordPress for 2 days now. My first goal was to learn how the system works. I figured that the best way to get some experience, was to create my own theme.

    Please give me some feedback..


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  • This is what I see:
    Error establishing a database connection
    (you might need some more work on it)

    Im so sorry. Had a server problem and needed to reboot it.

    No comments on this one ?? 🙂

    Pretty nice looking. I like the header image alot. One thing I noticed though is on the single post page there is really no separation between the end of the content and the start of the comments. It took me a second to release what was going on. Probably just a simple horizontal line break like you used for the post titles would do.

    Show me some style. I like to put examples of blockquote styling, code/pre styling and the much ignored definition list styling on my sample pages.

    Other than that, nice and clean.

    I like this one a lot.

    Very clean, crisp.

    Well done.

    Is this being made available? I’d love to use it.

    Thank u all for reply’s


    I made a bar below the content. Is it better now ?


    I meant to style the li, and have done that now. Im working in blockquote and pre styles.


    It’s being made available soon.

    There is a problem with the bar in firefox but looks good in IE. You can try adding
    clear: right;
    to your .seperator class


    Thank u. forgot to move the clear from the commentlist class. The theme should look ok in most browsers now.

    Hello again

    The theme is now released. Look in the Themes and Templates forum.

    I liked the header 🙂 good one.. you might want to double check the font sizes..



    Thank u.

    About the font sizes. I dont see any problems. Can u please explain 🙂

    ok I dunno much about blogs at all … but I might put the calendar above the archives on the left … seems logical to me … unless that is some blogger no-no or something … otherwise … I like it a lot.


    The sidebar is dynamic. You can change the order and apply new things to the sidebar from admin.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Looks nice, I noticed that the input box for searches extends over the title of the first post.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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