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  • martiegras


    Come and check my Website. Everything that you see here I learned from reading the forums. There is still many things that I want to do but it’s taking a while since I am new at this stuff. 🙂
    If you have advice on how to improve let me know.

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  • Sushubh


    very nice esp the logo 🙂



    Nice job.
    Your probably using Internet Explorer, because on it the calendar looks okay– IE gets it wrong, though! That’s important to remember.
    Firefox and Opera render the calendar overlapping the the container above it– they render your CSS correctly. Rule of thumb: style for the Gecko browsers (Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox). Hack to IE!
    top: to 125px corrected it for me. However, to be sure add 1px dashed fuschia borders around the containers. That will make it easier to de-bug. Then check cross-browser, all screen resolutions, try text-zoom on Firefox and Opera.
    The “Body for Life” ad, overlaps the right column. I didn’t really check carefully, but setting the table to align-left, rather than center, may(?) help this.
    The font-size on the right column is kind of tiny at 800 x 600. I would think at higher screen resolutons it will verge on unreadable.
    On index.php/archives/ the *long* URI “new cheese” breaks the container. A fast & dirty fix may be to use a URL cut service (Google for a free one) to shorten the URI. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to do some style work…
    Once you’re really, really comfortable with styling you may want to accomadate IE for text zooming. Your fonts are set in pixels, and IE can’t zoom pixels– only the Gecko’s and Opera can do that. You would have to use % or a combination of %/em’s– these make all browsers happy. But that can wait…



    It’s me again. I saved the fun part for last. Your HTML document does not validate (don’t panic). Let’s fix that first, then tackle the CSS validation.
    You have 27 warnings/4 errors. Not bad.
    Tidy on-line corrected 23 of them for me, and will for you. Run your *source file* through Tidy, not your php file– Tidy turns php into scrambled eggs.
    The document Tidy produces requires you to correct the 4 remaining errors. Namely, the *table attribute summary*. Google until you find a source that shows what that means, correct the file, run Tidy again, then run the (X)HTML) validation.



    It’s just, me again. Forgot: one of those Tidy warnings is that you forgot to close a division </div>. Tidy will fix that: however, in doing so, it may adversley affect your layout. Freak out not, should that happen. Post on this thread so I can find you.


    Thank you 🙂
    Thank you also for your input, I fixed the #menu,changed the font and took the body for life webring out.
    I am not sure what you mean about *long* URI breaking the container?
    As for the validation thanks for the link I will learn and fix it as I have time. 🙂
    Thanks again for your help.

    Woot! I got it down to 8 warnings and no errors. Sweet.

    Glad it’s working out for you.
    “I am not sure what you mean about *long* URI breaking the container? “
    Click your comment link, you’ll see the URI below extends outside the division that should contain it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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