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  • Hello everyone!
    I just setup my first blog site using WP. I made a new template (new layout/css). It’s in 3 columns, 1024 fixed with, but the main content is visible to 800px screen. The right column is just for my adSense box and Blogrollers link. It’s basically in clean white theme except for my header in red and green colors. I’ve been arguing the header color with my wife, coz I don’t really feel comfortable with it, but she likes it as it is. Anyway, I’m planning to release the theme if you guys think its useful to some other users. Please drop by if you got a few minutes and give me some feedback.
    Thanks a lot.

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  • Very, Very, Nice. I strongly urge you to release that theme, it would be a huge asset to the WP community. Great Job.

    Not too shabby. One thing, you don’t have a background color specified for your site. Other than that, that’s a pretty nice layout.

    Yes, I also noticed the movement of my tagboard iframe when I hover the calendar date. This happend only in Firefox and I don’t have a clue why. As for IE, Opera, Mozilla and Netscape they seem to be ok.
    I have specified a background color in body tag (CSS). Do I have to do it with other placeholder in my CSS?
    Thanks a lot for the comments guys.

    Must have been something at work, because it looks good now!

    Nice site, what tag board is that your using?

    Thanks Tg. I have fixed the calendar mouse over that cause iframe problem in Firefox. I will be releasing the theme soon.
    By the way, are the CSS selectors that comes with WP an standard for WP template? I’m not sure if i’m doing it right, because I made my own css and 2 different index files, one for main page and the other one is for the index page in my wp installataion folder.

    Very original, very nice use of the colours!

    I use Tag It. I did some modifications. Nice script simple and clean, easy to modify and to configure but no admin area available, you have to edit text file and do ftp.

    I will be releasing the template along with the Tagboard and Guestbook plugins as you see it on my site. I have already sent an email to the developer of the above scripts requesting permission to redistribute their scripts. Hope I will get a big YES response from them.

    Pretty awesome 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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