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  • MyWinKb


    Hi All,

    I have just put my first every wordpress blog up at and as its my first Blog I would appreciate any feedback on how you think it looks etc or any usefull plugins / widgets I should be made of aware of that you believe could make my blog a success.

    I realise not everybody here will be interested in the content, but I thought they may still have some valuable input for me.


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  • MichaelH


    Nice. Clear. Clean. Good Work.

    Make sure you are doing backups.



    Thanks for the comment Michael – I should have pointed out really in my first post that I used a template for this site, So the design work I can’t really take any credit for!

    Thanks for the tip on Backups too – Thats another job for today!



    Another thing – although my new is only 2 days old, It has had 46 hits from the Googlebot, but it still doesnt appear in google when I put the blogs URL – Can anybody enlighten me as to why? Or am I just being too impatient!




    2 days old? you don´t have to worry about google. If you post content google will index your site, for sure! I suggest you to add your URL to google manually:

    MyWinKb you have a nice site. I don´t know, maybe I´d like to see some images. What do you think? It would be more entertaining.

    Congrats for the site.



    Hi Salenco,

    Thanks for the post – I think you may be right about the more images part. I was wondering about that myself, the purpose of this site in the first place wasnt really for it to be entertaining, it was more for an informational view, Although when I think about it now, more entertaining might be a good idea.

    Thanks for the google URL link too 🙂

    Another thought, whats the deal with WordPress, Flash Videos (.flv files) and Google (SEO stuff) Is that generally considered as something good, or something bad?



    hey i got this error on your site:

    OpenCrypt System Error

    The following error has occurred:

    500 Can’t connect to (Bad hostname ’’)


    ..kidding apart. looks nice and clean. have to agree with the images. dont make it a photo gallery but…..



    Great informative site. I agree that a bit of eye candy would be good.
    I also like that you are writing the articles yourself, and not just pulling someone else’s work into your ‘blog’. Good Job!!



    Definately good work, and clean. I agree with the pictures, maybe like a screenshot pic of what your discussing in the article. To minimize front page space maybe cut each article off at some point to a read more page and include most of your “diagrams” there.

    Other than that, it looks great.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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