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  • eyeshootphotographs


    Hi everyone.

    This is my first WordPress site. I choose WordPress with seo in mind.
    I would very much appreciate your comments and remarks!



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  • mistersilverio


    There is no link to your site.



    This is also my first post on this forum :-/




    I don’t know a lot about web sites, but it looks good to me. The only thing is that the site loads a bit slow for me, but it isn’t that bad.



    Looks pretty pro. I like the layout and all. very nice job



    The page doesn’t load any content for me.

    Lil Josh
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    that’s odd… I’m seeing traffic right now :-/



    Okay it’s working now. Weird. Can I suggest adding Like buttons to your posts? I wrote a tutorial for how to do it.

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    Lil Josh



    I have those on every post, I’m using sociable WP3 for that. They’re behind the excerpt.
    Mind you, I don’t know didley from css :-/ so I guess that makes me a plugin guy 😉



    Where is the WordPress site?



    The page is pretty nice, especially the photos are good.

    I think you can work lil bit on the background image. It is pretty big, around 1.7 MB and repeating it self. You may want to use a smaller image with non-repeat



    Nice site but I don’t see any obvious SEO such as pages and tags named by keyword, H1, bold, and alt tags. Also, I would put your contact information on the main page.

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    not bed!
    you must use jquery fot better design!



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    you must use jquery fot better design!

    Uh?? There’s no “must” about it. Good design is about creating a site that engages with its visitors – using the right tools for the job in each individual case. There are plenty of good designs out there that don’t use jQuery.



    Nice site! Looks good for your fist WP site. A combination of good design, photos, coding are also good. [advertising copy and link moderated]



    Thanx for the comments guys, really appreciate it!
    I have the ‘all in one SEO’ plugin but I must admit I need to make a bigger effort at it.
    I’ll look for a contact widget to put on the main page.
    The size of the background pic will be dealt with also 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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