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  • It may be a coincidence but 3 times I visited your site and 3 times I got disconnected.

    As far as I can tell it’s working right now…

    i really like your blog. and the comment integration is excellent. As someone who is trying to figure all this stuff out? are you a programmer? was there an easy tutorial that taught you this stuff?


    Thanks, emalen!

    I wouldn’t exactly call myself a programmer. I’m a former design student that somehow got interested in PHP, and I’ve self-taught myself a few things. In the process I somehow landed a web development job and hacked my way through some ColdFusion. I’ve never taken a class.

    I didn’t really learn it from a tutorial, either. If you learn the basic principles of how something works, then learn the syntax of the language, you’re able to do anything (instead of the few specific things the tutorial taught you). What exactly are you trying to learn? I’d be happy to help, although there are probably more knowledgable folks out there.

    seriously AOL crashes every time I leave your site.
    do u have a script running on exit?

    Wow, I hope not. That’s bizzarre. What browser are you using? What version of AIM? I can’t imagine that there’s a script out there that would even do that…

    I’m using AOL 9.0 which crashes every time.
    if I stay connected with AOL and use firefox or IE it is ok.

    I checked again..its only in AOL and only when I use the AOL << ‘back’ button.

    I love your design, open and free like your life seems to be just now. Keep bloggin!

    Anyone else use AOL and have this same problem? I have no idea what would cause it.

    Thanks, petit 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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