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  • I had a blog at blogger a couple of months ago. I never realized that blogging was so much fun so I continued to do it for a while. Then I realized that I wanted a dedicated server and a better blogging software which I could customize. I tried Movable Type (good but pain to configure, and install. Also the “Republish” thing I hate), also tried Mambo (good as well but too detailed for a site such as mine). Then I came across WordPress. The “5 minute install” alone convinced me that WordPress is the tool which I would use to create my blog. WordPress was easy to use, and easy to customize. And although I have only had WordPress for about 3-4 days, I must say that I have had no problems. Well here is my blog. Please review.

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  • Just to help you and everyone else here, there is a new article on WordPress Site Reviews on the WordPress Codex, documenation site. This gives a good outline of what to expect from a review of your site here, and how to prepare to have your site reviewed. FYI.

    On with the review:

    On first glance, the site is clean and easy to see, and since the focus is on the written word, this is a very good thing. Like many sites, though, I personally feel that the font size choice is too small. Because the focus in on the written word, the words should be easy to read and with so many people using high resolution screens and LARGE screens, the type gets “really” small.

    The use of the box to highlight the post content is nice, but the title feels out of place, It would be nice if the box was wider or the title moved over so that it lined up if not over, at least closer to the edge of the box. Right now it feels like it is over in left field.

    The header is strong yet simple. Very powerful and clean looking. I love the sidebar with the hover turning the background to white. Very clean, professional looking. Serious looking, which matches the content.

    Over all, nothing to distract, all to focus the eyes on the content and subjects at hand. Very well done in that regard.

    On the single post, I like that the navigation sidebar stays in place. It makes for a smooth transition between front page and post. The blue colors in the comment form are a perfect match to the overall colors of the presenation. Nice. A little bit of me was wishing the submit button was a different color, maybe a stronger or lighter variation, but then another look and it matches so well, leave it.

    It’s just my opinion, but I’d move your search section up higher, above the calendar. In fact, I’d move the whole calendar to the bottom of the list so the look stays nice and clean all the way down. The calendar has a purpose, but how many people are really going to click on a date to get information. Usually they pick categories over dates, but if you still want it, I’d stick it much lower in the list to maintain the clean, organized look of the site.

    Under the hood, there are some errors that need fixing.

    The site is strong, clean, and very professional looking. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks I actually made some of the fixes you suggested.

    Ok, here’s mine…and I already checked the validity and it is NOT valid. How do I change the code based on their info: column x line x etc

    Welcome… We’ve got the idea. 🙂

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