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  • Hey all I’d like some feedback on my first wordpress blog it is called The Zen Effect and deals mostly with tips on finding relaxation, rest, peace of mind ect.

    Let me know what you think about the layout, ads placement, content and anything else that might be of use to me.

    Thanks so much 🙂

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  • On your post pages you have some code sticking out

    !-- end tag cloud -->

    Also just my personal opinion I wouldnt put ads on the site until you get traffic and a good user base first. Don’t think Ive ever put ads on a site thats under a year old. Its a good way to attract loyal readers is have a clean ad free site.

    I like your site. I’ve got to say, except I agree that you should hold out on the ads for now.

    Thanks for the feedback!
    @wpbum that code mistake only showed up in firefox for some reason (i typically use safari and it wasn’t noticed no idea why) anyways thanks for pointing it out and the problem has been resolved.

    As far as the advertising goes. I have heard both sides of the fence and tend to agree with the people that say to implement ads from the beginning. The main reason is that if you fully intend on advertising on your blog why not start out from the beginning that way you aren’t going to surprise any readers when you do ad them in. Also if you let your blog run for a year without ads there’s no telling how much revenue you will lose out on.

    However I have tried to place my ads in locations that are not overly obtrusive to the reading experience. I am looking into blending them into the header and footer a little better as well.

    @movedsouth thanks for the comment!

    Also if you let your blog run for a year without ads there’s no telling how much revenue you will lose out on.

    On the flip side there’s no telling how many repeat readers and natural backlinks you will lose in a year due to ads.

    Thats why I just said is my opinion. 🙂

    You are correct that having ads from the start could hinder my readership growth by turning people off to my blog. I, however, argue your point by saying what happens to those people that thought they were getting an ad free site when down the line I implement advertisements?

    My goal is to be upfront with my readers not try to trick them into reading a blog without advertisements all the while knowing that I will implement them in the future.

    I hope that at the very least the ads I have are in places where they are not obtrusive to the reader.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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