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  • Ok I should say I am not entirely sure if the Theme is completely valid, however it is the first one I developed on my OWN!!! Up until now I totally modified all the beautiful themes that were available for public use. Also, I used a lot of ideas from other people’s themes that I liked but ultimately coded it all myself.

    I just wanted some feedback from the wicked cool wp community. I love it & I am very proud that I finally figured out enough to code it!!!


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  • your theme looks great, i had never been on your site until today, but your little girl is adorable, mine is 2 months old now. Really do like your theme, you inspired me to make my own.

    chelle-mom, did you develop your own theme completely from scratch, or did you custom modify one of the WordPress themes? All I have been able to do so far is modify a basic Kubrick theme by adding in pieces of page code from my own homepage with mixed success. This technique seems to work ok for MSIE but has layout problems in Mozilla Firefox for some unknown reason.

    I would love to develop my own theme to get around these problems, but I don’t know where to begin.

    Good for you! I hope no one finds any bugs at all and you become widely known for your excellent WP themes in 2006. 🙂

    I’m working on creating my own themes too. I began teaching myself CSS, still in that phase really. I’m redesigning my whole site to meet web standards. Then I will get back to working on the WP themes.

    Glad you posted!

    Netdetective, if you pick up a guide to CSS you will find out how to fix your theme problems. Also, read the pages on Codex about making WP themes. There is a lot of information but if you read through you’ll find the parts you really need to keep in mind. It’s not as tough as it seems when you look at it from the beginning. I’m getting the hang of it, still have to find out what needs to be added to the CSS code I’ve got ready which will make it work with the WP blog.

    If you ever had a blog with Blogger you will know there are certain tags which Blogger must have to function. WP is the same. Its just a matter of getting your CSS and HTML designed as you want them and then you add the WP code to make them work together.

    Good luck. 🙂

    I wonder if there might be a WordPress theme generator utility, that will allow me to create my theme with my own graphics, one that will let me insert my own table codes too. I looked at bloggia, but that appears to be limited to non-graphics themes.

    Nothing like that in wp, sorry.

    Thanks everyone!!
    I definately looked at others’ CSS Stylesheets…Like till my head spun like crazy…And it took me months to finally get to this point (self taught css guru with training wheels!).
    The codex rocks, although quite intimating at first. Seriously the best advise I could give as a beginniner….Try ONE thing upload to test blog see it….then try another, so you can go back and figure out the errors right away. Takes longer but so worth it until you are uber comfortable.

    I am currently attempting to modify the “steamed” Kubrick theme for my powerscan blog, except I will need to figure out why it’s looking good in MSIE, but terrible in Mozilla. In Firefox, there are ugly white breaks between my table cells and graphics that I don’t see in MSIE. Mozilla renders CSS very differently than MSIE, so I will need to somehow figure out how to make my WP styles compatible with Mozilla.

    If I may add to chelle-mom’s advise 🙂
    The best thing you can do to yourself if you decided to work on a theme of your own: install XAMPP and have a local install of WP on it. Any change in the template files shows up immediately. It’s a great help!

    And the other best thing to do is develop with FireFox, because it’s truly easiest to make it right in FF first, THEN tweak it for IE.

    According to my webstats, most visitors to my site use Mozilla, so it’s more critical than ever for me to make a theme work right for that particular browser.

    Any ideas, suggestions how I could get rid of the white line spaces from my embedded table code? I have not been able to figure out why it looks ok in MSIE but not Mozilla.

    I don’t see anything that looks like “white line spaces” on your page (FF 1.5) – I’m probably not understanding what you’re talking about since it’s something to do with tables.

    If you don’t have the Aardvark extension for FF, it would be a really good thing to get it – it’s a great help for figuring out stuff like that. So is the “formatted source” extension.

    Aardvark from
    Formatted source from

    And of course, you have the Web Developer extension, right?

    I think you should decrease the size of your headers, they took a while to load (slow internet connection) but still, if you use photoshop, you should always Save For Web instead of Save As, it improves the compression.




    I just found a great WP theme generator:


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