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  • Hi Guys,

    I’ve been playing with WordPress development on and off for a few months now and finally decided to create a fully functional theme for my new weblog. Would it be possible for anyone to take a look and give me any feedback around the design and what works well/what doesn’t?

    The page is, I’d appreciate any pointers you could give me!

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  • C W (VYSO)


    Good to see that you’ve had a crack at building your own setup. Some comments:

    (1) In your header, you are linking to jquery.js, which does not exist. At present it doesn’t look like you’re using jQuery, so you can remove it in any case.

    (2) Your font-family declaration for <body> is invalid. You need to remove the inverted commas.

    (3) I see that you attempted (invalidly) to set Impact as the body font. If it was ever your intention to set Impact as the font, this would be a mistake. This recent article contains some neat discussion about font choices on the web.

    (4) The name of the current page just below the navigation looks like it isn’t supposed to be there. If, as I suspect, it is supposed to be there, try to make it more prominent. You should in any case place it within heading tags.

    (5) The text of your posts go almost to the right edge of the container, which makes the page look unbalanced because there’s an 80px margin on the left. It would be advisable to add a right margin of the same size.

    (6) I’d remove underlines from the hyperlinks and maybe add a subtle hover effect.

    (7) My overall impression of the design is that, though readable, it feels like a website from the late 1990s. Not every site must or should be at the bleeding edge of current design trends, but now that you have the framework, it might be worth looking at modernising the aesthetic a bit.

    Hi Cyril,

    I really appreciate your time in looking at my page. That article around fonts was very enlightening thank you!

    I am going to take a look at the overall design of the page and give it another shot.

    Cheers Bud!

    Hey, I tried to take a look and got this message: Index of /
    Will try back later maybe!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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