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  • This is the first time I have ever created a template (For anything). It has aken me many man weeks of errors and dead ends… but I think I am very close to finishing now and would love some feedback.

    It is mostly valid… I have screwed up in some places and am totally confused as to how to fix some of the problems (Mainly pages) but I am sure ill get there in the end.

    the design is based on social networking and Entrecard. I wanted to have everything that networking people use infront of you… I know most people will think it is a bad idea to do this but its different.

    I have 9 sidebars all over the place (Max 3 on a page/post) and have changed the templates depending on what pages your on.

    It has a sub-type site called U DROP I FOLLOW which is broken for some reason… it keeps messing up and everything i try makes it worse 😛

    Anyway, id love some feedback and if your feeling kind some help 🙂


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  • You forgot some very important information.. a link..

    Hahaha. I seem to ALWAYS do that.


    It makes my head hurt.

    It seems a bit ‘busy’ to me but things are like that these days. I’m probably not as old as Chris and my head hurts for other reasons!

    Well done and some great content mate!

    I’m probably not as old as Chris and my head hurts for other reasons!

    I’m 46, not 96.

    Damn. There goes that theory!

    Ok. I have taken the feedback from the people here and others and edited my theme.




    i too think its busy — real busy. and theres something about it that makes it overwhelmingly busy — maybe its your font bolding, i dunno.

    it looks like a magazine site to be honest, not a blog with a person behind it.

    dont misunderstand me, its nice.. and maybe if i knew you in real life, it wouldnt bother me, but as someone who doesnt, i wouldnt spend a great time poking around on it. its just kinda .. too busy.

    i dont get that stats things, why.. who cares, only you… (for instance)

    Do you have any suggestions on fonts to use? Maybe it could make it less busy?

    The stats are something for people who want to advertise and for my Entrecard readers. It is just to try to get more credits on Entrecard and have more people buy the ad-space.

    The last thing I want is for people to not stay on it… Do you think maybe a lighter color used for the design would work better?




    I like the fonts, I wouldnt change them. One thing I would do is reduce the number of posts on the front page. Believe it or not, with all the remarks about the business, the white space at the bottom as you scroll is equally off-setting.

    Another thing I just noticed is that there is a green Q (I think) and a blue something (??) (both images, I believe) sitting behind the title of your first post. Im guessing they dont belong there.




    oh, and then there’s this:

    whats your footer say again?? 😛

    that first page is kinda a mess in firefox.

    They are pages im working on. The u drop i follow is on hold right now as i just wish to get the basic layout done.

    The Q you saw was me changing some code while you was looking. I have been doing a few things the last few hours.

    the pages should be valid now. The only one that wont be (I hope) is the u drop i follow page. I will fix this tomorrow and fingers crossed have all the other pages done

    an easy refine = what might help is using thinner rules and giving the content more leading = more air. see if you like that. then see if you like a thinner more open font = verdanna for starts.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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