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  • Hello everyone! I just launched the first (alpha) version of a new plugin/solution I’ve been working hard on over the last few months. It’s called Rapid Platform.

    Not quite a plugin and not quite a theme, Rapid Platform is a library for building responsive/adaptive websites and themes quickly in WordPress using shortcodes which output html/css. Shortcodes do the heavy lifting and obscure the details/syntax you don’t care about. I re-built the Bootstrap Github page using these shortcodes, and it’s responsive by default. See that here:

    Rapid Platform’s grid is similar to Susy…very little syntax required to build any kind of layout, including nested columns. For example, a two-column grid syntax would be:

    [rp_grid count=’2′ span=’1′]Content goes here…[/rp_grid]
    [rp_grid count=’2′ span=’1′]Content goes here…[/rp_grid]

    This syntax can be placed into the rich text editor (Visual tab) for a WordPress Page/Post, or called from a PHP file/page template using do_shortcode(), meaning laypersons/authors as well as designers/developers can use it to build responsive layouts. The grid (columns) just behave responsively by default.

    It also incorporates an options framework, making it easy to deploy custom options and admin pages for managing those options.

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    I am thankful for any feedback you wish to provide.

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