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  • logansnick


    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my first post.

    I just built my first blog with wordpress and any critiques are greatly appreciated, please feel free to post a response or email me at

    I have included some of my more specific concerns below to see if any members had opinions on any of them.

    The site is


    1. Should I be putting the digg, delicious. etc type bookmarking on my site?
    2. Any must-have recommended plugins?
    3. Any other security issues not mentioned here I should worry about?
    4. With regards to security the only action I have taken is to move the sensitive DB info from wp-config.php out of the public www folder.
      (By the way if you get errors including using relative paths
      ex. include(“../privatephp/config.php”);
      DO use the absolute paths
      ex. include(“/home/username/privatephp/config.php”);)

    Thanks again, have a great day!

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  • qforquack


    Very nice blog so far, I really like it.

    1. Should I be putting the digg, delicious. etc type bookmarking on my site?

    You don’t have to. It’s mainly for all those huge sites that can get on the front page (Digg that is).

    2. Any must-have recommended plugins?

    If you have a gallery of pictures, maybe integrate it with Gallery 2 and put them on your front page.

    3. Any other security issues not mentioned here I should worry about?

    Just make sure you have that spam plugin that comes with WordPress enabled. It’ll help A LOT.



    @qforquack: Thanks for the comments!
    I will make sure to activate the spam filter, I was wondering about that plug in.



    I decided to add the social links using the Sociable plugin. It was super easy and was working in no time. FYI I “dugg” an article on my blog and it was pretty beneficial to the traffic.

    Any additional comments are defiantly appreciated.
    Logan “Snick”



    List of Plugins I found to be immediately useful in the first few days of my blog creation.Recommend any others?

    I have also just added the wp-cache plugin and have seen a remarkable decrease in load on the server per page served.

    Actually getting some content and readers coming to the site looks good so far!!

    The site looks great. I think the green sidebar headers look a little dull, and a good image sidebar header would look nicer.

    But overall, nice site.

    AdamF24 — Thanks for the look and for the advice. I actually did go in after your comment and change the coloring and also removed that header image that was above the initial post.

    I also agree I should incorporate some side bar image titles.s Though I think I might limit it to the title I want to draw peoples eyes to. (Such as the Recent Posts Heading).

    As I have no graphic art experience I plan on downloading The Gimp and learn how to create what I need unless anyone has another opinion.

    Any other comments suggestions are well appreciated.

    Thanks again!!

    Hi I just found a cool little widget called BlogSphere

    This tool essentially displays blog article links relating to your own content (opens in new window). And the plus for the me/you is that YOUR blog articles are displayed on other peoples websites on their BlogSphere widget.

    I just recently placed it on my blog but wanted to know if
    anyone had experiences with this technology that they would like to share? Is it good , bad why?


    i really like the layout of your page. Ive never used that blogsphere thing but it seems like a good idea.

    One thing I did notice was that in Mozilla when I scroll up and down it seems that some of the boxes float (or don’t move as fast) as the rest of the page, i don;t know what causes that but it bugged me. Otherwise the blog is looks good.
    That Crayon Physics game is pretty cool.

    @sadpandnator- Thanks for the look and comment.

    I’ve tried several things around those Javascript tags and can’t get them to not float around all willy nilly.

    Anyone seen this problem before? (Seems to be FF only)

    Google did not help much.


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