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  • Looks great to me insaint, very nice work. I happen to be a stickler for dark skins, and I genuinely do like your layout.

    Keep up the good work.

    Nice site, insaint.
    I’m a big fan of inverted white/black.
    I really like the contrast that the links have with the text.
    The header graphic is really nice (It doesn’t appear on the top of the page for me, though.)
    Even AdSense is nicely integrated.

    I have only have two very minor things that I’d like to add (Very personal, so don’t take them the wrong way):
    * Pop-ups. (not a huge fan)
    * This is prolly just the contrast on my monitor, but the input boxes are hard to see. Maybe lighten the gray just a tad.
    As I said, very minor.

    Good job,

    thanks! regarding the pop-ups, actually I didn’t notice it until you told me. Maybe my firefox blocked it. anyway i found out that the pop-up is from WebStats counter. will fix it soon!

    thanks for ur comments 🙂 appreciate them


    and the banner, it’s meant to be like that. it’s not aligned to the top

    dont kill your site , remove your pop ups !!

    really sorry that i didn’t notice the pop up. now i’m trying to find a better web stats tracker. any recommendations?

    Lovin the theme and all the “wet floor” effect on the pics. As for stats, I use the awesome and free AWStats.

    thanks 🙂 will check out AWStats

    AWStats looks great, too bad I can’t run CGI and PERL on my host. I used this instead:

    Nice Site !

    thanks! 🙂


    no more comments? 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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