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  • very nice theme! who made it?

    Nice layout, nice content, nice idea, I like it a lot.

    One thing that is a bit odd, is that the text in your footer about the site, ends abruptly and not at the end of a sentence:

    “most of which haven’t received any media attention with the exception of “

    exception of what?


    Awesome theme! I like the music, and the whole vibe. I do a blog that highlights music on Thursdays. I was wondering if you would mind me using some of your songs and linking to your blog?

    You may certainly use my blog! Just send me a link when you use it so I can relish the moment.

    For the others,

    I don’t remember who made the theme, or where I got it, but I’ll look around and get back to you. As for the abrupt ending of text, it takes it from the “About” page. I’ve gotta look into that!

    Thanks for the feedback!


    That’s awesome! I will leave a comment on your blog, since I love Jaime Lidell!!! I post as Pineapple1 and my blog is: The Frosted Pineapple. I feature music on Thursdays, so be sure to check it out!

    I also really dig Haven – Out of Reach. I’ve never heard them before, and they really rock.

    Thanks Channad,

    I’ll be sure to check it out. I’ll leave some comments as well and reciprocate your post on my blog as well. Hooray for networking! Peel your eyes…and ears…I’ve got some great music coming through in the next few days…

    Does anyone think I should move to a Podcast type system or is YouTube ok for this blog? Most of the YouTube videos have been uploaded by me, so I have control over them. Any thoughts?

    I think YouTube is fine for now. If you start seeing issues, then it’s time to find another way to show the videos. I’m hating YouTube right now because most of the band videos I want to embed can’t be embedded anymore. I was able to find what I needed on Videos actually look better on Vimeo than YouTube. I also think the flash player they use is better as well.

    I like YouTube because I can upload the videos myself and add my blog name to the description. That drives a lot of traffic, which I find really helpful. might be an option once I get some frequent viewers.

    I tried the Podcast plugin on a few of my posts and after a while it buffered indefinitely, which I didn’t like so I took them down and put the YouTube clips back up…

    Looks really nice. But to offer a constructive suggestion you may want to make the header a bit bigger.

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    Thanks Nick. I’ll look into that shortly…

    I just noticed my “About” and “Archive” pages are the same. How do I go about fixing that?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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