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  1. cerebration
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Dear Visitor,

    Sometimes its good to reveal ourselves, to express what we feel, to relieve those thoughts that keep over-powering our mind time and again. Not a single human on this planet is left without the ability to think, but some of us remain confined within ourselves, and are quite timid to confess what we feel, thinking of our abstract thoughts as insane. Its just out of that fear that I am writing my first OPEN blog, but naming this site was a baffling task in itself.

    CEREBRATION, is the working state of a concious mind, in which ideas keep on dwelling, which is ready to accept changes, which appreciates innovation and is curious enough to decipher the matrix. It permits you to visualize the world through your view, helps you enhance your cognizance by organizing the scattered ideas, and makes you eligible enough to marshall those ideas as per a defined protocol. Cerebration is a feeling, which helps you realize your humane, your sentience, awakes you to contribute through your ways. In all cerebration is the way to life, the ultimate conscious within oneself.

    I would keep on updating my blog and would be happy to read comments from you readers. Since all the text above is original and bears no personal comment intentionally.Anyone, offended by some content above is most welcome to help me realize the reason for the same.

  2. moshu
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Where is your WordPress blog? I hope you didn't mean this is your blog :)

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