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  • This is my first blog ever! I just did my first post last week and have 4 up now.

    It seems to be working OK, but mostly just bots have been posting to it which kind of bums me out.

    I did get an award on for getting one of my articles read though, which was cool.

    Would you take a look at

    and tell me if I’ve set up everything OK and how you think it looks?

    Any pointers would be appreciated!


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  • It looks very nice. I’m personally not a fan of the name, but other than that it seems you did a very good job setting up the site. Keep it up!

    Thank you so much for looking and letting me know what you thought wwrhskteeq!

    Regarding the name, I am sometimes a bit crass for a lady, so the name gives some indication of what to expect.

    I appreciate the compliment!

    I couldn’t figure out from your profile where your Blog is. Could you tell me so I could take a look please?



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    Nice blog and writings.. Only one thing the background is too pink. It distracts my eye while reading. Try to make it a bit lighter perhaps.. keep it going .. cheers

    Really nice domain name, also your blog is good. But I dont think that you place your picture as blog logo.

    Thank you for the good feedback!

    esmi it sounds like you read my Blog about the spambots! Thank you for the good tip, I will take a look at installing cookies for comments to block some of those.

    nephil I will look at adjusting the color in the background so it is less harsh, that is a good suggestion! Thank you!

    Hi blograzzi, I have gotten mixed feelings about the Blog name. For instance wwrhskteeq didn’t like it that much. But I think it fits me pretty well. What do you think I should put instead of my picture in the logo?

    Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate your time. This is just what I was hoping for!!!

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    The color scheme is NOT bad as some others feel, may be because I too design my sites with crazy colors and designs. I like your writing style too. DO KEEP UP YOUR DOMAIN name!!! It is going to be a crowd-puller within days, though others may feel it is a bit crazy!

    Hi Krishna, thank you for for the compliment; particularly because I see what a good job you did on the tech blog I just visited!

    I can’t believe you’re able to write on such a variety of subjects, from red eye to 911 to Windows 8! Very impressive.

    I was a little confused about commenting though, is everything but the Venus article closed for comments?

    Thanks for your visit and nice comments. Unfortunately, I have not chosen a niche subject for my blogs so far. So, I write on whatever catches my fancy. I have over a dozen such blogs and sites on most subjects I read every day. So, as your article on bots show, deleting spam comments every day was a big headache.

    So, just a few days back I set the limits for articles open to comments to 14 days or so. So, the Venus article will also be not available for comments soon. As you already know the problem, I need not explain it.

    Happy blogging!

    Nice Blog! and your pretty, never hurts with a pic like that, curious if your running the latest and greates version, 3.4, and if you upgraded from a prior version. I see nothing but problems with it, so I thought I’d ask someone with a nice site, if the transition went smooth or what?

    Hi Krishna, yes I most certainly know the Bot problem! 😉
    I know there are some plug-ins that will help with it, but I’ve gotten so few real comments, without the Bots I’d have nobody. 🙁

    Thanks for the comment Kenny. Generally updates to most anything aren’t smooth. Particularly if there are plug-ins associated with it. Stuff expires or stops working. And generally updates are tested about as well as everything else these days.

    Anyway, I just got it all working a few weeks ago so I am not about to muck it up by doing an update!

    Thanks, I’m afraid of it at this point as I just don’t have time to deal with the all the problems in getting it back up right now..

    Good luck with the blog… Go get’em! 😉

    I like your blog

    Looks like you are off to a great start! Keep it up.

    Thank you Xgamer and lv2snwbrd. (And thank you mln for the comments too!)

    I went to your blog and it looks pretty good too, though it looks like you have comments turned off. It’s those Spambots, I know! lol

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