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    First of all this is an EXCELLENT plugin. Clean and fast.

    Some limitations i found are:

    1. All images are in the default WP media folder and that can be very very confusing. And messy if you have many photos. Each gallery / album should have a directory (and be removed when uninstalled).

    2. No paging in the albums ! If you have 1000 images, you have 1000 thumbs in one page. This can bring the hosting plan down and create some slow galleries/albums

    3. Some formating options should be available. For example how many photos per ROW or the option to show the photos description or title.

    Again, i’m shocked on how well this plugin is done. I have uploaded all kind of strange dimensions photos and the plugin handles it very very well (Panoramics for example).


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  • And other huge problem is that if you (for example) upload 100 photos to an album, you can’t delete the album if you don’t delete 1st the photos.

    And the way you delete each photo within the gallery bank album admin is one by one. No bulk delete.

    So deleting 100 photos take a very very long time, and because the page doesn’t refresh when deleting, you don’t actually know what is happening and what you deleted (or not).

    And an other thing: in my test album with 100 photos, the album admin page takes a while to load and hits around 10 processes in my Cpanel stats. That is heavy and also could create problems on shared plans.

    A correction: when i delete photos from an album, the page IS refreshed. But due to a lot of photos, it is was not clear.

    Still that function of deleting needs to be changed to Bulk.

    The excess loading of gallery bank admin (with lot of photos) could be easily solved if Paging is added.

    Plugin Author Gallery-Bank


    Hi MassimoD,

    Thanks for the in-depth analysis. We really appreciate your workout in figuring out the issues.

    Version 2.0 is nearly under development and we are working on the Paging for images and to entirely move the album to trash at one click.

    Thanks again for your finding once again.


    Support Team

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