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  • This is really a neat utility for those people looking to have multiple templates and static pages. I managed to display a page using Faked Folders but the page displays as plain HTML. It doesn’t grab the my styleshee for some reason. Any ideas?

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  • I personally don’t recommend using a plugin like fake folders. The easiest and most flexible thing to do is to take the top content from your main page and put it in header.php and the bottom content in footer.php, and then just make a new file with the includes. Then you only have to edit header.php and footer.php and your whole site changes.

    hmm.. I don’t quite understand, care to explain your method?

    well, you take your index page, and basically you take out where the post content should be and instead you fill it with whatever you want on your static page. For example
    <!--header start-->
    <html><head><title>whatever</title><link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"></head><body><div class="content">
    <!--header end-->

    that would all go into header.php, and on each static page you want you just put <?php include('header.php'); ?>. You use the same method for the footer file, and viola! static pages.

    EZStatic is a great little plugin for simple needs.

    I decided to go a different route because I wanted my “static” pages to be searchable. So I create categories for these pages, which I exclude from the category listing (and RSS) and then each static page is actually a link to that otherwise hidden category… this way I can edit the content by editing the post(s) that make up the category and the content remains searchable.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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