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  • sdodev


    Whats up WordPress, Long time listener, first time caller! I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but the category does say “Requests and Feedback” 😛

    A lot of “names” in wordpress on the net are politely bashing people because they are trying to use Custom Post Types in the wrong way, but really in my (and clearly a lot of other users) opinions, what they are trying to do is what should be defaultly working in the first place.

    Custom post types should be exactly that, custom post types. It should give me the ability to define a custom submission area with specific meta content completely separated from the normal “Submit New Post” area. If you have ever built something for a client, and not only personal use, you would see how extremely useful this would be. But what we have now with this new feature isn’t custom “post” types like it’s named, it’s actually custom “content” types.

    Right now we are stuck with using custom fields and trying to explain to clients in explicitly detailed instructions how to properly define key pairs for specific post types that all still need to be displayed inline with the regular “blog”. Why is it so hard for people to understand that being able to use custom post types as an ability to specifically define certain REAL post submission meta boxes and separate them out in the dashboard is a useful thing.

    Part of the current version of custom post types works perfectly for this, the functionality is all there clearly. The problem is it not only separates these post types in the dashboard, but removes them as “posts” completely and aren’t included in the standard loop, taxonomy, or outputted in the default rss feed period without some somewhat serious coding and work arounds. If your using a plugin or theme that makes use of this feature to create custom posts, and then disable it, you completely lose the ability to natively view the custom posts you have submitted. Yet there they are still sitting in the database.

    I’ve seen a lot of different people responding to Custom Post type questions trying to be used in this regard in a similar way, parroting each other, ie “Separation in the admin panel is not a good reason to create a whole new “type”. Not if what you really need is to separate existing posts by some other factor. That’s what taxonomies are explicitly designed for.”

    But they don’t understand that the problem being described in the first place. It isn’t about taxonomies like everyone is jumping over each other to point out, it’s about having true custom post types that work inline with normal existing posts.

    If I have a post category in a clients site called “Useful Applications” and another called “Quotes” with specific meta submission requirements that I want to be able to display inline with normal posts and not completely separated, then I should be able to display specific meta submission options for those types, almost exactly how the custom post feature works now. (ie: For Quotes I might want to only show a Quote Author and actual quote field. If I have a custom taxonomy for those type of posts, I only want to show that taxonomy for those posts.)

    What I don’t want is to have a generic “Submit New Post” page filled with irrelevant meta fields and taxonomy options in order to cover each post types needs. Or just as worse, using custom fields on that same global submission page and trying to explain to the client (who has just enough technical ability to check his email) how to actually use it.

    The new Custom post type features works perfectly for this, but the inability to treat these the same way we do normal posts is mind boggling. If I want to “opt out” and have my custom post type be absolutely separated from normal posts, with a completely separate taxonomy and excluded from the normal loop entirely or on case by case basis, then I should have that ability. But that should be an opt out, not the default settings.

    WordPress hasn’t done anything in pretty much as long as I’ve been using it that remotely aggravated and disappointed me as much as this. I’m not saying I don’t see a use for the way custom post types currently work, because I absolutely do, but I definitely think the ball was dropped and an extremely useful ability for it was forgotten.

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  • sdodev


    I guess my point in that wall of text is just extreme difference in the ease of create a custom post type and subsequent write panel for it, and the amount of code required to make a custom write panel for a normal post type.

    Joe Ponzio


    I have to agree with this, but also throw in the fact that I would like to create a custom post type (that works in the loop) and set a default category.

    For example, we have to tell clients, “Now remember. When you’re posting a news article, choose ‘News.’ When you’re posting a blog article, choose the ‘Blog’ category.” And so on. It’s not rocket science, but they inadvertently forget to choose a category and blogs and news end up as uncategorized (or whatever universal default).

    I’d like to be able to create a “News” section with its own admin menu so clients could click, “Create new News” (or whatever), have it as a post with a default category of “News”. Same with one for “Blogs” and whatever other categories and defaults I like. Then, the ability to hide or eliminate the “Posts” section to keep confusion to a minimum.

    I’m sure I can hack this together to make it work, but this is what I had envisioned/hoped would be out-of-the-box with WP 3.0.

    @new Nine Media

    That is *exactly* the way I would like to use custom post types. They would behave as regular posts, but be automatically be placed in a certain category, and have their own custom meta boxes, if necessary. I’m currently using a combinations of the More Fields and More Types plugins to achieve this, but the posts created this way do not appear in the loop by default, as mentioned by sdodev.

    You may want to read this:

    There’s been a lot of talk about custom post types, and I know many people are looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I think some (perhaps many) of those people are going to be disappointed. Custom Post Types might not be what you think they are.

    Full story:

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