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  • thought i would give everyone the benefit of my recent experiences looking for a decent, functional reviews and ratings plugin.

    unfortunately i wasnt able to find a free one in the wp repository that worked for my purposes, or was supported sufficiently. so i began looking for “premium” plugins.

    [commercial products’ reviews moderated – commercial products are not supported in this forum]

    Business Directory Plugin, Ratings Module
    firstly, business directory plugin is a freebie. however it doesnt come with any reviews/ratings functionality. that part is a premium addon plugin.

    while the ratings module’s functionality is sort of basic (no widget, no multiple categories to rate on), its half or a third of the price of the other 2 previously mentioned plugins. its also completely unencoded. and even more importantly, their support is timely and helpful. with help from my developer, the ratings module is well on its way to being exactly what i need.

    but the real star of the show here is the free part, business directory plugin. if building a directory is ur project, this plugin is an unbelievable find! its well designed, packed with features and backed by actual support. though i havent really had to use the support, one look at their support forums tells u what u need to know.

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  • ive asked for an explanation for why my review post was mutilated several times. but since those posts just get deleted instead of replied to, why dont u just go ahead and delete the entire thread and ill know not to bother contributing in the future. otherwise, id appreciate an explanation.

    I have given the explanation already within the moderated section.

    this forum is not for commercial products.

    i wasnt requesting “support” for any product, commercial or otherwise. i was simply trying to help my fellow wordpresser by conveying my experiences. is that really the sort of thing u want to discourage? if so, plz delete the whole thread. it just looks stupid the way its been carved up.

    so can i repost it? or are u going to just zap the whole thread? i mean, the ratings module of business directory plugin is commercial too. so if we’re gonna be so strict, there really isnt anything left of my post, that relates to the subject, to save.

    please don’t post any reviews of commercial products.

    so are u going to delete the whole thread as requested? if not, why are u allowing the review of the one commercial product left in my original post?



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    are u going to delete the whole thread as requested


    why are u allowing the review of the one commercial product left in my original post?

    That points to a free plugin in the plugin repository – which is allowable.

    better re-read my original post. the ratings module of bdp is NOT free. i can provide my receipt if necessary.

    and since my topic was about Reviews/Ratings Plugins, there isnt anything left relating to the topic once thats removed.

    but if u leave it, then make no mistake, u ARE allowing reviews of selected commercial products.



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    The plugin itself is free and the developer has very clearly indicated which modules are premium add-ons.

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