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  • Alvin


    After seeing so many comments in this forum and other sites, I took myself the courage to activate Gutenberg. And now, I decided to use some time for these notes.

    For several weeks I saw the message “Install Gutenberg”. I admit that I was terrified after seeing how most of the reviews have low scores. I think that if it were possible, many would have awarded “negative” stars.

    During a weekend with enough time to correct possible errors, I installed and activated Gutenberg. As I had seen dozens of videos about the good and not so good, I already had an idea of ​​what to expect and where to start, especially with the most common bug/errors.

    Let’s start with the good:
    – My website was fine, everything look in its place.
    – The new post editor also looked good.
    – That is, in my case, the installation of Gutenberg did not have the effect described by many.

    Now let’s go with the bad:
    – I miss the option to add special characters, especially the space that can not be separated to keep the numeric values ​​and units of measurement together. This is a custom I have of my work as an engineer. In my theme, the combination ALT + 0160 does not work.
    – For the moment, the worst thing is that the theme or Gutenberg or the combination of both do not recognize excerpts. After writing the excerpts and saving the draft, the excerpts disappear. I presume that it is an incompatibility issue.

    I will finish with the best:
    – Actually, I really like the use of reusable blocks. Something I wanted to do with the posts was to add a signature at the end that would be repeated everywhere, especially if I decided to change the content of that signature. While I need patience to add the reusable block in each post, Gutenberg prevented me from installing an additional plugin.
    – The other good change is the possibility of easily using additional CSS. Before I had to add HTML code to the post to add a div class.

    As you may have understood, my opinion is based on my basic knowledge about WordPress, themes and plugins.

    I presume that many people who have used WP for years have seen the changes. Surely there were best, good, bad and worst changes.

    My overall experience has been good, but not so good to grant 5 stars.

    I think some people should continue waiting before installing the plugin or accept it as the default option in WP version 5.0.

    Something is certain, Gutenberg will improve for sure.



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