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  1. abingdonhockey
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I've recently set up a new website for Abingdon Hockey club. To show our teams' fixtures, results and league tables, I use embed HTML codes provided by the league administrators (for lack of a better word), FixturesLive.

    An example of the code is as follows:

    <div id="fl" style="width:500px;"><!-- FL API data --></div>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    var fPassKey = '';
    var fStartPage = 'STATZONE_COMP:38029:1';
    <script src="http://www.fixtureslive.com/api/api.js"></script>

    When I set up the pages a couple of days ago (6 of them), the embedded content was working. Today, the content is missing, although the code is still there. Any ideas what's gone wrong here, or how I can fix it?

    Here's a link to one of the pages which has gone wrong: Abingdon Ladies 1s table

    and here is more or less what it should be showing:
    Trysports website league table

  2. abingdonhockey
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Fixed...ish. I've used iframes instead of the embedding code. Less elegant and it shows adverts and menus from the homepage, but at least the content is there.

    If anyone reads this and can tell me how to fix the original embedding, please let me know!

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