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  • Hi there,

    I have just had my domain suspended by my host becuase he says: ‘One of your domains,, has been suspended for excessive system resource usage due to single MySQL connections from the domain continually executing over 300 queries. This sort of activity cannot be tolerated in a shared hosting environment. One such example is attached.’

    You can see the list here:

    Is this excessive? Why so many queries?

    Hope you can help. Thanks

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  • I forgot to mention I am using WP2, so why all the problems with queries?


    get a new host

    Many bargain hosting providers oversell by 10 to 100 times what their servers can actually handle. The providers that do so expect you to use extremely low amounts of CPU, and bursts of network traffic rather than steady streams. I have used such hosts in the past, and had my current site ( suspended for using too many system resources while doing a database backup. My database is only 20 Meg, so backing that up shouldn’t take too many resources unless the company is an extreme overseller.

    To fix my problems, I went from a $20 a year host who gave me 75 Gig transfer and 1.5 Gig storage to a $5 a month host who gives me 400 Meg storage and 10 Gig transfer ( It might seem like a huge loss in available resources, but I haven’t had my site locked out for backing up my database yet, and I realistically don’t use that much space or bandwidth anyway.

    Just find a more reliable host that isn’t overselling, and you shouldn’t have troubles like this.


    ya know, i had to go do something, so I just left a really short, get a new host response. that doesn’t tell a person much now does it.

    what ragmanx said was much more helpful. I’ll add just one thing. WordPress is more intensive than your average site with it’s use of mysql. All the content is stored in the mysql database, and it makes good use of that database any time it’s accessed. having said that, it’s not really that excessive. mysql has it’s own cache system, and wordpress does as well. you can install an additional cache plugin as well, if you’re keen on lower to the demands of the system. it’s not doing anything a responsible web host can’t handle. I’ve got about two dozen blogs installed on one of my servers, and I barely notice the load. but it’s also true that more visitor equals more load, and like any website, if you’re popular enough, the server will feel it.

    like I said before, get a new host 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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