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My directory literally disappeared!

  • Hi there. I’m doing a WordPress site for a client on a test server I set up on my own domain, http://euphoricreality.com. My main domain is fine, as are all other subdomains.

    However, the site I was working on, http://mimido.euphoricreality.com, suddenly, while I was uploading a simple jpg image to the theme directory, popped up with a 500 Internal Server Error. What’s more, the entire subdomain directory disappeared. The WHOLE THING. it’s simply NOT there anymore. I haven’t done anything with plugins, haven’t done any php editing in a few hours. Everything was working fine, and it literally happened out of nowhere. Please tell me how to fix this, or I just lost a lot of work.

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  • Now I’m getting the regular “Cannot find” error. What happened?!!

    500 Internal Server error means that you don’t have the necessary permissions to run your website. This is not an issue with WordPress; You should contact your host to have them assist you, as this will be an issue they can resolve for you.

    Or you can try fixing it yourself. More than likely you will need to CHMOD your files to another permission value (perhaps 644) for them to work properly. Also make sure they your .htaccess file doesn’t have any values set in it to block access.

    That’s the problem. Only one subdir is affected, and it disappeared. I can’t CHMOD anything because I can’t SEE anything. That whole dir is gone.

    Uhm, you don’t CHMOD through your browser. You either log into your hosting control panel, or FTP to change your CHMOD permissons. If you don’t know what you’re doing–don’t do it yourself. Submit a ticket to your hosting company.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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