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  • I found a couple threads but none with my exact problem:
    I use iOS for most of my blogging. I tried logging into wp on my pc, and the password I’ve always used on iOS wouldn’t work. I reset it, logged in, but my blog was gone. I added my blog, but the dashboard contents are missing. When I log in on iOS, it says I can’t edit pages or posts. There are no pages or posts showing up. I can’t change any permissions for admin because the only thing in my dashboard are home and my profile. Plug ins are gone. My gravatar has now shown up, when it never did before. My website went completely down, but I reloaded it from my hosts server. I may have re registered my account during the password debacle. I’m not sure what to do, since I now have a blog I can’t add, change, or post to. Can anyone help?

    My site is
    Hosted by bluehost

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  • Your symptoms seem to suggest that your user account no longer has administrative privileges. Your version of WordPress – WordPress version: 3.2.1 – suggests one potential reason for why that may be happening.

    You can reset your administrative account manually using one of the direct database access method described in these instructions: Resetting Your Password

    Regain control of your site first, then sort out reasons for why you may have lost control.

    I have reset my password using several of the methods listed. No matter what, I’m unable to reset any administrative privileges. There are only two tabs in my dashboard. I know I’m missing something here. Wish I could insert a screenshot. I wonder if I had 2 wp accounts…one I used for my iPad, and another I used as a reader. Because now I also have a reader at the top with a few blogs I follow, and it wasn’t there before.
    Thanks for responding.
    Also, this is the latest version available in the AppStore, unless I’m missing something again. I’m a newbie.

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