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    Danish as in language and nationality, not sticky buns with raisins. I have installed Alex King’s styleswitcher, which has enabled me to play with many different designs. Someone recently said to me that you get more or less the same result whatever you do with WordPress, ie. it is not possible to make any original designs for it because of the way it is made. Well, after having seen many of the sites posted in this forum, I beg to differ!

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  • I have to agre with you on the WP thing – WP isn’t a barrier to design but what you often see is wordpress sites with a similar ‘feel’ to them through font choice – colours and layout.
    On your site – I looked at in Moz Firefox and its broken with the right hand column overlapping the spacer bar and with the large image which seems to be about font selection (my dutch isn’t that good) on the left hand site under the creative commons licence bit – which I don’t think is what you intended. Also in your header graphic the text and corners look ‘jaggy’ at 1024*768 – you may want to smoth them off a bit

    That’s funny, it looks fine in my Firefox 0.8… all except the horizontal menu at the top, which is broken into two lines (I don’t think that’s intended, is it?) and has a line-height of way too little, so when hovered over, the background covers half of the link above/below the active one…
    And why would you need good Dutch to read a Danish blog? 😉
    I would, however, suggest adding a bit of padding to the right side of the menu. The dotted underline under the red links goes all the way up to the border and gives the impression that there’s more (ie. vertical scrolling), which there isn’t—and perhaps making that part of the menu a tad bigger, it’s very small.
    Other than that, it seems to work as you want it to—I can’t say it’s a design I would choose for myself (talking about ‘overpyntet’ here, the one it loaded with; I haven’t checked any of the others), but it’s your site, not mine, and the design is well done.
    As for the content, there are probably a lot of people who find it useful, but I guess most people here will already know most of it (target groups, etc.). What I mean is, the content is good and useful for the target group you’re going for, which seems to be average internet and computer users, not geeks like people here 😛
    And it’s so nice to see a Dane who can actually spell! That is a rare thing—although I did spot a ‘ganske vidst’ in there somewhere 😉

    To arthuc01: Funnily enough, I also use Firefox, and in my Firefox, it looked ok. The acid test for me – which I must have skipped for some of the designs – is usually: “How does it look in Opera?”. So, I fired up Opera, and sure enough – I see the content running into the menu area. Anyway, I have made some adjustments now, and I hope it is better. The jaggies in the graphic I’m going to live with. 😉
    To Oisin: I make a living teaching Danish, and although perfect spelling is not a requirement for this, it is what I aim for, not altogether succesfully, it would appear.
    The topmenu may wrap any way it likes. My “hovers” are not supposed to be a larger font-size than the actual links, yet they seem to be on some systems.
    You’re absolutely right: The site was not made for the benefit of geeks and nerds 😉

    I make a living teaching Danish, and although perfect spelling is not a requirement for this, it is what I aim for, not altogether succesfully, it would appear.

    Close enough – it’s hard to avoid one or two typos or silly mistakes popping in in such a long page (God knows my spelling in Danish is not what it used to be!).
    I kind of put two and two together and guessed the Danish teacher part when I saw the SkoleKom part 😉
    The hovers aren’t bigger than the non-hovers for me (XP, FF 0.8) – the reason they overlap each other is line-height. They do overlap as well when not hovered over, but it only becomes obvious when hovered over because of the dark red background.

    Haha – how appropriate that I should make a typo (and just notice it now) in the exact sentence where I say it’s hard to avoid typos completely 😛
    Anyway – since this thread is about (a) Danish blog(s), I thought it would be appropriate to throw in a little link to mine (it’s also in another thread, but what the hell) to have them gathered in their own little home (err, that’s this thread… uh, yeah…).

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