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  • im sure it happened to other people but up to 2 weeks ago my average daily visits was 2,500 a day bad days 1800-2000 still good but suddenly 5 day period that dropped to 900 a day i use all in one seo which was doing great i was following what i should do ?anyone had the same problem? i dont know what to do any time ive had a bad run usually change few days later but it just seems to get worse any clues what ive did wrong or what i can do.ive been running my site for 4 years, ive worked really hard, long hours and past year it looked like things were doing better really good but it seems its just disappeared ive overcome problems before but this time i don’t know what to do

    any info would be good

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  • First off you need to track what changed in terms of getting traffic.

    Did your rankings drop in Google? For how many keywords? How much did they drop?

    After you figure out why you are receiving less visitors then you can start working on the cause.

    hi there

    thnx for repling checked the rankings still the same i also have another blog which is a blogger and gets less traffic but thats risen 1 ranking, i usually have about 5 – 10 keyword, or possibly 5 phrases max

    ive notice at my google webmaster tools i have a message for gave me 6 posts for possible outages could that be one of the reasons? im unsure what outages means

    i use yoasts wordpress seo but right up to the less visitors was all in one

    Well Yoast doesn’t really effect rankings.

    If the rankings are the SAME as a month ago then less people are searching and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Outages probably means your site went DOWN. When that happens for long periods of time and frequently it can devastate your website rankings.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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