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  • I upgraded to Frau 1.6.7 today and found that it removed all of my customization, including my web logo, sliders, showrooms, etc. I have a child theme setup and active, but it only includes the one style.css file.

    Which files do I need to copy to the child theme to make sure my customizations aren’t lost with the upgrade? Thank you.

    *I reverted back to 1.6.6 until this is resolved. site:

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    We can’t provide you the information about our future updates. Probably, you should make a backup before the update. Besides, there is a simple decision. If you change some our files, just copy them to your child theme.

    Thank you for your response, but I’m not asking about future updates. I’m asking about the most recent update (within this last week). When I upgraded, it removed all of my customizations, so I reverted back, using my backup files.

    The thing is I made changes to some files a long time ago and don’t remember which files I changed. Is there a way to find out which files were changed? If not, if I copy all of the parent files into the child theme before upgrading, will the update be able to make it’s desired changes?

    Same here,
    i lost logo & all slider as well…
    restored old backup & not will not think about update anymore.

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    Sorry for inconvenience. We had to update almoast all the files of the theme at the request of WordPress. This won’t happen in a future.

    Hey. I’m back again! 🙂 My above problem was never fixed. I just left everything as it was and never updated to your latest version. But now I need to upgrade and everything I try is deleting my customizations. I’ve tried copying the style.css file to the child theme. I’ve tried copying all files from the parent to the child, which crashed my site. I would just leave it on the old version, but I’m having a problem with the slider. It will not save my changes when I update the text. I’m assuming this has something to do with the upgrade, so now completing the upgrade to 1.6.9 is important. But I can’t upgrade without losing all my customizations. I need help. Could someone please assit me? Thank you.

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    In accordance with the requirements of WordPress, we have to replace all of the theme files during the upgrade.
    Two Easy Solutions
    1. One easy solution is to simply delete the old theme first, and then upload the new theme. (Make sure you have a copy of your old theme on your computer in case something goes wrong with the new theme.)
    2. If deleting a theme makes your nervous, then another option is to rename the newer version while it’s still on your computer, and then upload it.
    In order to rename the newer version, follow these step:

    • Unzip the newer version on your computer
    • Once unzipped, open the folder, and you should find another folder.
    • Rename this inside folder. You can just add “new” to it (e.g. “mytheme-new”).
    • Copy or move this newly renamed folder OUT of the other folder it was in.
    • Once you have your newly renamed folder out of the old folder and by itself, zip it.
    • Upload this newly renamed folder via the theme section in your admin area.

    Wouldn’t this give me a fresh new, updated theme without any customizations? If I delete what I have now, or upload the new version under a new name, neither will have the customizations from my current theme.

    Is there a way to just fix the slider and leave the current theme? Is there a file with the text from my slider that I can edit directly? TY

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    Unfortunately, it is impossible to edit slider text in a specific file. I can’t detect your problem. I’ve updated my 1.6.8 version to 1.6.9 and all my customizations has been saved. If you are talking about the files modifications, we can’t guarantee that your changes will be saved. It is happening due to the theme update requirements of WordPress.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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