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  • Pretty simple so far, but I got it to work! I plan on making it a little more fancy in the future. Visit here. Subscribe if you like!

    Oh, and if any one can check this out with Safari, that would be great!

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  • Very nice except the nav buttons. These (IMO) look pretty weak in comparison to the rest of the layout, which in turn, looks pretty sleek.
    The font is ‘orrible, if you change it you will not regret it, im sure!

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I’ll probably replace them shortly. Any suggestions? I was thinking of using the “sliding door” technique, but I have to do some reading on that. Thanks for the input.

    You could use sliding door, but could also use text in a box (super easy css). One note: the address shown under the name is, but is not the actual address?
    Why the all-caps serif font for subheads? All other text is in different san-serif fonts.
    The overall look is very clean and easy to use, nice work.
    One final designer note: the photos have warm colors, but the overall scheme is cool. Perhaps pull a bit of warmth in, like the text inside the blue boxes a light brownish tone, or the line below the logo?
    The movie on the home page is really great!

    Thanks for the feedback, csleh. Yeah, I’ll probably go with text and a 1px border, and play with the rollover color. And yeah, I’m still playing with the color scheme, and might do something “fancier” for the margins and banner.

    By the way, is the shortcut, you know, like and for and, respectively.

    Thanks again.

    Your sidebar headings are overpowering the list items, perhaps consider a larger font size for the body text and list items.

    The general layout is very nice though.

    Check out the updates! I think I can move on and work on content and the Zen Cart store. Thanks for all the comments.

    Wow, different — looks great! Nice job on the header art and layout. It is a strong look that stands as-is, but one suggestion: A bit of a brownish-goldish-reddish tone to either the logo text or bits of the header image would add a nice pop. Maybe the dials on the thing the headphones are on.

    i’m definitely liking it!

    subscribe to what? i only see one post!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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