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  • Hello!
    I just created by custom theme, i want your opinion, what could be improved.
    Well.. this is not original work, becouse i took Andreas Viklund template called “andreas08” and tweaked a little. I know someone alreade has made wp theme from this template, but i just wanted it my way 🙂

    You could see blog here:
    Well its lithuanina…

    Ohh.. and sorry for my english.. Its not my native language 🙂

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  • I like everything but those little squares to the right on the sidebar link hovers

    I’d agree with the above, the hover effect on the lists with the squares looks out of place. I’d use a nice underline on the hover, discreet but stylish enough.

    A nice tidy theme, maybe I’d size the text to small on the main content. I can read it though not understand a word due to launguag.

    Your English is a lot better than our Lithuanian.

    Good luck




    ?? What little squares? ??


    I removed them 🙂 Thanks for the comments..

    Looks a lot better now. I’ve seen that wierd hover effect (bullet outside?)hover effect before and put it down to web designers drinking too much coffee or something. It looks out of place – but its gone now.

    Its a good theme you have there. Are you thinking of releasing it? – as it might make some Lithuanians happy to have a blog in their, your, own launguage.

    Some nice graphics on that site, thoughfully done and pretty slick looking.

    Looks great, now. well done

    Lookin’ good!

    I think it’s nice, clean and the color combination is nice as well. =) Good job on it. 😉


    ::feels all alone::

    I *liked* the little squares!

    That’s me, I guess 🙂

    Good job, though!

    I like the template. It’s simple yet stylish and ellegant. Really like the color combination there.

    Good job.

    Thanks to all for the feedback. Im thinking about releasing this theme when it is finished completely 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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