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  • Ok, so my site is under a CC attribution, nc, sharealike license. So, I suppose this use does (just barely) fall within the bounds of that license.

    My original post was lifted, lock stock & barrel by another site, though he does put an “Original post by…” with a link back to the original.

    The part that bugs me is that the guy’s site is full of ads. Every post on the guy’s site is lifted from someone else’s site as well. They’re all attributed back to their sources, but I’m not quite sure how I should feel about this. My work is licensed in a way that seems to permit this practice, and it is attributed, but there was nothing done to the content at all.

    Any thoughts?

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  • This is content theft and is quite common… see here for more info and here

    Owen has written a plugin called AntiLeech that hopefully stops this from happening.

    While it is certainly unpleasant and upsetting, I don’t think “theft” fits here based on jcostom’s post. He has a CC license that allows use with attribution.

    His content is used. And his content is attributed.

    Might consider changing the license? Or just contact the guy running the splog site. I’ve had this happen once or twice and after I’ve contacted them they’ve pulled my copied contact. Not enforceable (I use pretty much the same CC license) but most will agree that’s better than a pissing match.

    Granted, it’s WAY more fun when they’re stealing content without proper attribution. I usually write a post about ’em and their habits and chortle when it automatically shows up on their site. 😀

    Yeah, I’ve thought about removing the CC license just for that reason.

    Yeah, looks like I’m going to lift the CC license..

    I’m not like infuriated or anything, it’s just mildly annoying.

    At least he did attribute the post… Sure would have been cool if I could have printed out encyclopedia articles and turn them in with attribution back in school. 🙂

    I see it all the time over at When I first wrote the FAQ on uploading a picture, it got copyed a lot. Word for word without a link back or any mention that someone else had written it. Lots of fun. 🙁

    Blog scrappers as well. Seem that most of the ones we’ve seen have been either hosted in Germany with (which is strange as they have rather strict copyright laws) or ev1 out of Texas (don’t get me started on their abuse dept.)

    Just in case you’re not aware, there are quite a few different “Creative Commons” licenses. If you visit the Creative Commons License Chooser you can select the options which fit your intended use of your work.

    For example, if you do not want anyone else making money off your work (at least not without your prior permission), you may like a Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 License license.

    Hope that helps.

    CC still allows you to copy the work. If you don’t want it copyed at all…

    Yeah, what can you put if you haven’t copyrighted the work, but don’t want anybody to take it? “Stealing is wrong”?

    jonlandrum: You don’t have to copyright work (US/UK at least) as copyright is automatically applicable to anything you create. If you do not wish your work to be covered by copyright you have to specifically state that it is public domain.

    Methods of protecting copyright (e.g. keeping legally recorded copies) are not in fact adding copyright, but rather improving your ability to defend it in court.

    Marking documents with the copyright symbol is simply a way of making the copyright which exists explicit – it has no effect on how the document should be treated.

    You may find more information on Wikipedia or US

    Ahhh. I thought you had to apply for copyrights and pay money. That’s fine for a single work, but for something dynamic like a blog, that hardly seems feasable. Thanks for the clarification.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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