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  • Dear all

    Recently my blog got hack and all of my blog files are gone. Thanksfully not the database.

    So re upload the wp files and the blog running again. But I have new problem, user can’t comment to my blog, even they have comment. But their comment don’t show up.

    I already re upload again the files but still facing the same problem.

    Is there any one can help?
    I’m using wp 1.5.2


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  • I tried to add a comment to your most recent post, and it didn’t show, but it didn’t appear to have an error.

    Therefore I’m going to guess that either or a combination of two things are happening:

    1. You have an over zealous comment spam plugin that is preventing even the most innocent of comments from being published (not likely).

    or 2. You have comment moderation turned on. To check this and turn it off goto Options > Discussion in the WP-Admin and check the settings are correct for what you want.

    after recheck, i found that the comment did go to the database but not showing up.

    Then i notice that only the comment from the administrator that appear. 😐

    Any clue? still trying to show the comment

    Did you check whether comment moderation was on?

    After I check to the db, I found out that all recent comments are mark as spam.

    Now how can set it back to default again? I search the options there is no setting to do this again

    anybody can help me?
    I remember now that before I’m using, now I’m using 1.5.2


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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