[resolved] My child theme in twenty twelve will not edit changes made in style.css (7 posts)

  1. tumaini tarot
    Posted 12 months ago #


    I'm very new to child themes and need some advice on editing my twenty twelve child theme in style.css. My child theme is active so I managed to do the basics well. But when it comes to editing the main menu or other stuff, it doesn't work. I am also using notepad++ and FileZilla to make these changes. When I upload a change I noticed it appears on my child theme in editor but makes no changes. Also in case it helps, I made the child theme after I created my website, after realizing it's one of most important things to do when you need to make changes to your website. Am I using the coding incorrectly. Or is there something else Ive missed. my website is http://www.tumainitarot.com/

    I would appreciate some advice on what to do next.
    Many thanks

  2. What sort of changes are you making to the the main menu and "other stuff" via the child theme? Is it all CSS in the child theme's style.css file, or is it something else?

  3. tumaini tarot
    Posted 12 months ago #

    Hello MacManX

    I am using my style.css tumaini tarot child theme to make changes. The changes I want to make is just to center and alter the colour of my main navigation menu, just for appearance sake. By the way in the meantime I tried to clear my cache, but Im looking at this too.

  4. It's loading http://www.tumainitarot.com/wp-content/themes/twentytwelvechild/style.css which looks like your child theme's stylesheet.

    What was the last change you made to it exactly?

  5. Offhand, your syntax is not correct, you need to remove that spare } below the comment line about adding new styles.

  6. tumaini tarot
    Posted 12 months ago #

    Success yippee! I removed the spare bracket as you suggested and just before that I managed to clear my cache. Thanks a lot. I believe we can close this topic now.

    kind regards

  7. You're welcome! :)


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