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  • It looks quite neat and tidy, if a little bit generic. I’m not a fan of pink text on white, it’s quite difficult to read on my laptop screen in sunlight right now.

    One good thing is that you have daily updated content.

    One bad thing, that I really don’t like is that if I click on the ‘forum’ link, I get a message that I have to be logged in to post, I didn’t want to post, I just wanted to see what was there, and I’m not going to register for a forum until I can at least see that it has some content.

    Thanks for your valuable comments. I have changed the look and feel of my celeb gossip blog and come up with more simple layout. Do let me know what you think?
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    did you give up on the blog? i like the simple layout. needs a better looking header and more content.

    if you’d like to exchange links check out my celebrity wallpaper blog.

    I like the simplicity and cleanliness of your site but I don´t know, maybe you could improve the appearance with some photos. What do you think. I personally don´t like google adds in new sites. But I´m quite newbie in blogging 🙂

    Congrats for the site!

    Um, I don’t get it. No offense, but where is the website? I see one page, half of which is a google ad, and a couple paragraphs of text. No posts, no titles, no images, no content. The design itself looks straight out of 1996. I’d honestly say the only thing you have of value, is the domain name itself.

    Also, Perez Hilton and TMZ pretty much have the celebrity gossip sites covered, and there’s not much chance of compete with either one of those. What are your goals here?

    Sorry to be so harsh, but just being real. Good luck.

    site looks great, but with one post on front page and no images give an impression that the site is empty. i had to scan the page for few seconds there to find what else is there. in most cases within that time most visitors would leave. hope that helps.

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    Not only is it hard to find posts but even when I get there, all I see are a few sentences of somewhat dated info (and some posts have just one sentence?!?).

    The entire nav is confusing and the top and side nav have external links in there. That’s just strange.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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