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  • Hi, I’m freaking out slightly because suddenly suddenly the posts are not associated with their categories any more. What happened?

    First the archives wouldn’t print, so I disabled the plugin that I installed a few days ago (wp-likes) thinking it’s the only thing that can interfere or changed since I last touched the blog; but nope, that’s not it.

    So then I changed the theme to a default one to test, and behold – everything has become listed as “uncategorised”. Oddly enough, when I look on the admin panel the “categories” the categories are still there with post counts, and in the edit/quick-edit panel the boxes are still ticked. But it’s just not reading my categories.

    What’s going on? Here’s the blog…

    If you click on the category archives you get a “not found” page:

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  • Lifeflame,

    If you haven’t already tried this:
    Go into your widget area. Move the activated category widget into the deactivated area. Save the change, then go back in and reactivate it to where you want it. I had to do that after making a theme change, and it worked for me (in 2.9.1). Not sure if it would affect the challenge you’re having, but if your category widget is still in the admin panel give it a try.

    thanks Inspired2Write. It’s actually not a widget problem (I deactivated the plugin to make sure it wasn’t a widget problem.)

    Well, update: suddenly things are okay again. I’m not sure what happened at all! Bizarre, bizarre. Any insights?

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