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  • Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to get a feedback because I have seen most websites are built on cust framework to handle topics like thsese “Car Reviews”.

    Please provide feedback eBest Cars UK

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  • Moderator cubecolour


    Your images appear squashed – it looks like the display size & aspect ratio in the browser is different to the native size of each image making the cars /people look ‘stumpy’ & out of proportion.

    Thank you so much! I purchased this premium theme even I have resized images to 570×400 something it is still looking ugly.

    How can I fix this when I upload images it automatically adjut the featured images?

    Thank you

    Moderator cubecolour


    If its being done by something set the theme you’ll have to refer to the theme author’s support.

    You need to supply/upload images that are 560 x 300. Then they won’t look incorrect.

    Also, I don’t think the UK needs more car journalism. There’s already PLENTY to choose from.

    – A petrol head car nut.

    Finding the 560 x 300 images would be too difficult. I am getting good response from website, but recently changed the theme! It was not a good decision, but old custom Thesis Theme skin was hacked due to bad files. It was very expensive to find new one!

    Don’t find them – make them! You can’t run a website without the ability to resize images. I use Photoshop but there are many less professional and cheaper editing suites out there.

    Example; none of these images on my accountancy blog were 600×400 when they started life. You have to crop them and then resize them first before you upload. Then a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails will sort out all the smaller versions for you.

    I have to also find images that are copyright free in order to put them on my site. This in itself is the most time consuming part of blogging.

    You NEED a picture editor though so this should be the first thing you install and learn to use.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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