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  • Working great, best calendar plugin I have used so far. But… I looked at the RSS and iCal feeds. Unexpectedly they contained by WP username and, in the iCal feed, my email address. Note, the checkbox in Dashboard / My Calendar / Settings / “Display author’s name” is off.

    It would be better if these fields were filled with the site name and email address, IMHO.

    It’s easy to hardcode a mod to the plugin if anybody wants to know how:

    Change this line:

    Change this line:

    Put in the values you want, without braces {}. I haven’t looked into how to mod the plugin generally. I just put in the values I wanted for my site.

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  • s/by/my/

    I’m looking to change up the rss feed for my calendar some. Can anyone give me some pointers? Using the MC template code doesn’t seem to be working so I must be doing something wrong. Specifically, I want to add the short description and location in a paragraph format, not hcard and make the event title or header a link to the details page. How would I do this if I can’t use the MC templates in the {} braces? Thanks in advance.

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