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  • There is a lot of text, but very few images to tell me what you are doing.

    It would be nice to have some understanding of what type of painting you are aiming at, as well as what type of decorating you can provide.

    Simple and easy to get through – I like it. The above comment about the images is a good subject to look at too. I’m more about the text/content then I am about images as well though so I get what you’re doing. My suggestion (if you don’t go for the adding images bit) is to add some headings that say what you do specifically. So that way it’s the first thing that people see. They’re coming to your site cause they need painting services, they know what they need and the first thing they’re going to want to know is if you can do what they’re looking for. Just a thought.

    Also, can I ask you: did you use a plugin for the slider and carousel on your main page? Or are they coded into your site by hand? I like them a lot and it’s something I’ve been looking for.

    It’s a nice looking site, but I agree, it’s too wordy and needs more images.

    A few other things crossed my mind, here they are:

    1. A picture of you, in your decorating gear or near your van might help get the phone ringing. I think the illustrations are good, but you can’t beat seeing the person behind the business.

    2. Make it very easier for people to find your phone number (top of every page in the white area – under your name or in place of the social icons). I know it’s on your site a lot, but internet users hate having to look for information – put the important stuff right in front of their eyes.

    3. Testimonials. If you’ve been in business for a while, ask your customers for testimonials and add them to your site. If your business is new, ask each satisfied customer for a testimonial and add it to your site.

    4. Portfolio. Following on from the previous comment…pictures of your completed work would go a long way to converting visitors to customers.

    5. The layout of your pages change too much for me. Sometimes the sidebar is on the right, sometimes its on the left, and sometimes there is no sidebar at all. I prefer one or two styles across the whole site.

    6. Add internal links to your text/images where readers expect them to be. Guide readers around the site; the only option they have at the moment is the main navigation menu. Internal links also help with SEO.

    These are my suggestions, Andy. I hope you find them useful?

    Great work. and i also like security check.

    I completely agree with Simon Hedin and WPMadeEasy.

    In addition, the links at the bottom of the main page just direct the reader back to the top of the page instead of linking to the page with the information. When I clicked the link, I didn’t realize at first that the page hadn’t changed and I was confused if there was new content being presented.

    It’s definitely a good start, keep at it!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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