• I had CYC plugin installed for login and register, then i found a great new plugin called my brand plugin (much better capabilities), yet when i click it goes to main website i started my MU site with. The problem is i deactivated it and only use my second blog i signed up for. When using my brand plugin in it redirects saying user has elected to delete thier account. When i activate main blog on backend it works and redirects to old main blog i dont want anymore.
    When i use Customize your community it works just fine when someone wants to register on the blog i do want to keep, it registers the user on that blog. How can i make My Brand plugin to work to login on blog i want to keep?

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  • when i click it goes to main website i started my MU site with. The problem is i deactivated it

    You don’t say what you’re clicking, but deactivating the main blog seems a bad idea. Multi-Site code is likely to assume it’s active, which could cause you problems later.

    I’d aim to turn the main blog into the one you want to keep by migrating content, or restoring it from a backup of the second blog.


    @seahawknationblog – I made My Brand Login, so I’ll see if I can Help you out on the problem you’re having.

    Like dgilmour said, You never said what exactly you’re clicking on. Is it when someone is trying to register it says ‘user has elected to delete thier account’?? If you’re more spicific about what it’s doing, I’m sure I can point you in the right direction…

    The problem is most likly the fact that you deleted the first blog (your main one) and are using the second instead. I know it works fine under my install of WordPress 3.0 on all my sub-domains that I created. It might be how you’re setting the new sites up… are you using sub-domains (, or folders ( for your Multi-site?

    Let me know…..

    Kris J

    Does this work for Multisite in terms of, let’s say I’m Joe User on, and I click “Register”, do I get sent to wp-signup.php on or I can register on

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    By default you get sent to the main blog.

    @patung & @seahawknationblog – Like Andrea_r said, WordPress Multisite ‘User Registration’ sends anyone who is trying to register for a new user account on a Current Multisite Subdomain, or Sub Folder Site, to the Main Blog for them to ‘Apply’ for their User Status.

    Alternatively if you’re an owner of a Domain with WP 3.x MS running, you can grant the ‘Admin’ of the Multisite the ability to register users on their own site via the ‘Super Admin’ menu in your administration screen, under the ‘Options’ tab… If you wish to do so…


    Kris J.

    I’m trying to remove the WordPress Logo that appears at the top of a page when a visitor wants to log in or register and replace it with my own. I’m am using My Brand Login by Kris Jonasson. But I’m having difficulties.

    I’m quite happy with the way the login box/registrations boxes appear but try as I may I cannot get my own image to appear in place of the WordPress Logo. Activate the plugin and as stated you have a blank canvas.

    Here is what I’ve done, step by step. From Settings I click My Brand, I click on the large Upload Image button and fill in the ‘add an image’ box which appears: uploading my login-1.gif file. Go through the upload precess, then check, still noting there. To check that there is nothing wrong with my image I’ve also tried it with logo-login.gif and logo.gif but again nothing. Deactivate the plugin and presto the WP logo is back.

    I’m also using SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

    Website address ABC Writers Network

    Any suggestions

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Found my answer, great plug in BM-Custom Login got me up and running at ABC Writers Network in about 1 hour. If you were comfortable with photoshop you could really go to town

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