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  • This is one of those late night thoughts/inspirations that-come-to-your-head-while-your-trying-to-sleep.
    I’ve noticed that in a lot blogs people are putting the names of the books they are currently reading.. or the names of the books they’ve just read with a little review, or similar.
    I’m not sure if there’s a hack/plugin available already that can do this, I didn’t find one so I’m just going to put my idea forward and maybe someone will give it a shot.
    In your Admin control panel you have a button called My Books. Now when you click on my books, you go to a page where you can edit what book you are reading now/ add a little information about/ add an image/ link to a site that’s related to that certain books / along with a little review. You can mark the books you’ve read as ‘read’ give them ratings give them reviews and so on… Now all of this shows up on a page (something similar to b2 stats or whatever) But a mini-version of it shows up on your blog’s side menu, now what shows up in that box you can choose in your Admin Control Panel (Fully customizeable)
    Currently Reading
    By Alex Haley
    More> (takes you to the page for more information about what you are currently reading, a review of the books thus far… in addition to past reads and past reviews and ratings)
    Les Miserable

    Well, I hope that was coherent. If I could code PHP (which I’m trying to learn btw..haha go me) I’d do it in a second, but unfortunatly I can’t. I don’t imagine this would be very hard though since I’ve seen other plugins that have similar functions… But it would be extremely helpful, and it wouldn’t have to be restricted to books, it could be for movies, software, websites.

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  • 1.2 has custom meta fields where you can add things like:
    Reading: Tale of Two Idjuts
    Drinking: Dewars
    And there are two plugin/hacks out there for something similar to what you are suggesting. You can check them both out at my site.

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