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  • greetings,

    i’m a non-techie, WP noob and have recently posted the third edition of my book on sales / management for small businesses, specifically, software / technology companies.

    the site is located at .

    any / all constructive feedback is welcome.


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  • Daniel


    If your book is what you want to sell, then make it more noticeable. What I mean by that, I come to the site and first glance, it’s a page with a tiny image which I think should be a chart and I don’t know it’s a book that you’re selling.

    Use this site to make a 3D image of your book, it’s free:

    Put some text near the image that says: Buy this book now!
    Make the link open in a new window, anytime you redirect a person away from your website.

    Read Me navigation link change to “About the Author”
    [links removed – please do not use these forums to promote your own site/services]


    thx very much for taking the time to review and provide me with some feedback, very much appreciated! (apologies for the delayed response, the last time i checked there had been no feedback … and i was overtaken by life events 😉

    i will invest some time today in making these changes and, again, say, “thanks”.


    hi hal,
    Just went through your blog, it seems pretty simple and basic.

    Here are a few things that i would like to suggest:

    1) Change the background image/color – The deep blue is kind of bad on the eyes.

    2) Your theme will require some work. If you are planning to sell your book from this blog, you will require a good design, much more professional looking.

    3) I will also suggest you to remove the huge image on the top, it is not related to your blog, why keep it? perhaps keeping a brandable logo or a banner might be a good idea.


    Hi All. a Little photogallery and blog, been going since aug 2013
    critisisms and suggestions welcome. Im not a dogmatic kinda guy who gets offended by constructive critisism.
    I have 2 themes running and Keep changing over for some variety once a week or so.

    [Link moderated]

    thx to each of you for your feedback, **very** much appreciated.

    lionsden, i **do** hope to implement your suggestions today / tomorrow … i was overtaken by medical events soon after my last post.

    staytamed, thx for your comments, too … design … well there’s something my site has none of, eh? 😉

    i happen to like that color of blue and hadn’t considered what it looked like to others — DOH! i’m curious, what (general) color would you suggest i use? re other site design issues, while i have invested **many** hours in creating the content (and am working on the fourth / final edition as we speak), i have intentionally made the site basic & simple as i have a limited amount of time / bandwidth for this part of the project — so for now, the easiest i can make it on myself is the path i’m takin’ 🙂 candidly, i am **far more** interested in making the content available and raising awareness on the topic than i am in selling copies. about the image @ the top of the page … i understand exactly what you’re saying, but (alway a “but” isn’t there) since the content / site is just hobby of mine, i like the message of relaxation it conveys (to me, at least). if / when i decide to ramp up my commercialization goals / aspects i would plan on doing as you have suggested, so thanks for that 🙂

    thx again for the feedback, lions den & staytamed, very much appreciated.

    have a good weekend, all.



    @halhere You’re welcome! Thank you for taking some of my suggestions.

    The one thing I found annoying was your use of a sidebar to keep asking people to sign up for email subscription. ONCE is enough already!

    I would either make it a menu item, put it in the footer or just on the home page. The other benefit is on your longer pages, because all that’s in the sidebar is a nag to sign up you end up with lots of empty white space it also comes off as being desperate.

    I would also drop the comments you seem to go on at length about you not being a coder. Fine. But that has nothing to do with the site.

    I would also consider one of many page flip plug-ins since you’re showing a book. There would be far better that going to lengths saying you’re not a coder. Hint… nobody really cares or needs to know.

    apologies for my delay in both implementing the earlier suggestions and to responding to the latest comments from lions den and billy … i was out w/medical issues.


    thx much for your feedback, too, much appreciated.

    i know nobody really cares to hear this, but, ahem, i am not a coder and don’t have a clue as to how to implement a single view / page implementation of the email sign-up. i understand what you’re saying about it being annoying and so will do some research into the plug-in’s i’m using and see how to implement on a reduced basis — good call, thx! the last thing i am about people signing up is desperate so if that’s what it is implying (to at least you), i’m all for minimizing it.

    as to my comments about people not caring that i’m not a coder, i came to the same conclusion some time ago about removing it … i’ll see if i can’t clean that up asap. thx again, good call.

    i appreciate your feedback, billy, thx very much.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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